JDS Supply Company LLC, provides many services to their customers at no extra cost of doing business. We feel that we provide a VALUE ADDED service in many of the things that we do and provide for our customer base.

  • Chain and sling inspection with JDS a representative to insure all of the chain slings are up to OSHA standards. All of the inspection is documented and a report is written and given to the person in charge at the facility to keep on file.
  • Ground engaging tool equipment surveys are provided to our customers at no charge. This entails a JDS representative looking at all equipment, identifying the teeth, buckets or edges on the equipment. An Excel spreadsheet is then done with customer’s unit number, serial number and the products used on that equipment and given to the supervisor.
  • Other services include making up chain slings, cutting wire rope to length and making up custom length air and water hoses as well as suction and discharge hoses with proper fittings and clamps.
  • All types of personal safety classes are available to be given from the manufacturer representative of the line that JDS represents.